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What if you could change the world by shopping? Greenheart believes consumers have the power to affect positive World change by supporting sustainable and fair business practices in their purchasing choices.

Greenheart is Chicago’s premier eco-fair trade non-profit shop, carrying eco fair trade products made by artisans from around the world. The purchase of these products improves the lives of real people and the products are made by establishments that take care of our Earth. 

Greenheart follows the guiding principles of "Fair Trade". Fair Trade supports sustainable community development by ensuring that the artisans making the products are paid fair living wages. "Eco" signifies that our products are made using the most sustainable materials and methods whenever possible. At Greenheart, we are both "Fair to producers, and good to the Earth".

Greenheart is Chicago’s premier eco-fair trade non-profit shop, carrying both fair trade and eco friendly products. Greenheart carries a variety of goods including recycled accessories and handbagskitchen goodshome decorgourmet treatscookbookscruelty-free leatherboutique jewelryfair trade toys, and more. 

The Evolution of the Greenheart Shop

In 1985, Emanuel Kuntzelman founded the Center for Cultural Interchange (CCI) as a non-profit international education exchange organization dedicated to the promotion of cultural understanding, academic development, environmental consciousness and world peace. In 2004, CCI adopted the Greenheart movement as its environmental and social initiative inspired by the work of the Casita Verde and the Greenheart movement on the island of Ibiza, Spain. In 2007, CCI expanded the Greenheart initiative to include fair trade and opened the Greenheart Shop in the River North neighborhood of Chicago, IL. In the summer of 2009, the Shop moved to a larger home in the bubbling Wicker Park neighborhood, where it continues to offer the best in fair trade, while educating the community through in-store events.

Through the Greenheart initiatives of CCI, international students visiting the US can partake in various environmental and volunteer opportunities with their US host families or employers, Americans traveling abroad are able to volunteer on environmental and social projects in over 13 countries, and consumers have the option to purchase ethically made items and educate themselves about fair trade through the Greenheart Shop. In addition, CCI as an organization has made radical changes to be as carbon neutral as possible and incorporate the values of fair trade within all their day to day operations.

You can support Greenheart here at our online Fair Trade store or at our Fair Trade shop in Chicago. We thank you for your support!